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Astounding the world with his successes with H Investment LLC, make way for entrepreneur and CEO Ken Harrison.

His winning business strategies, techniques, and investment models have all helped him thrust forward in the entrepreneurial space in the US.

The kind of success and the level of momentum a few industries and sectors have been gaining, especially from the past few years, cannot just be attributed to the advent of technology in the world. It is necessary to credit the major contributions that ace entrepreneurs and experts across fields make to take their respective niches to the next level of success. The business space is a world of its own and has so far produced some of the greatest talents in the same, including a visionary named Ken Harrison, who has been taking over the space with his firm H Investments LLC.

The 41-year-old CEO of H Investments LLC had started the company with a budget of $10,000, and now he has grown the company to manage a portfolio with over 11 million dollars in assets while also partnering with companies like Triller and All Day Ace Cannabis together for events, and having one goal in mind, to achieve Growth. Failure was always a part of his journey, but instead of losing hope, he always gave his best to keep walking his path, which led him to become the success story he is today. He had started his company with no financial help or support and pointed out how he learned different skills by working with previous firms and implemented those learnings in his business models.

Today, this powerful and influential business personality with H Investments LLC has taken the business space by storm and has an incredible portfolio, including companies like Rolling Las Vegas (Cannabis Tour & Transportation Company), Aurtism (Autistic Art Facility), and Hard Knock University (Artist Management & Branding Company). He owns 50%-100% of all these companies in their portfolio. Ken Harrison had begun his journey as a marketing major and now is a renowned entrepreneur with H Investments LLC.

He has been building the momentum for Hard Knock University LLC and Rolling Las Vegas LLC and aims to climbing the corporate ladder. For his company, he desires their portfolio to reach 100 companies by 2030 so that every company they grow creates jobs and opportunities for others.

Connect with him on his Instagram @blackcard_ken.

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