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Kim Son Cheol and Lee Sang Yi explore their family friendships, upcoming plays, and more.

Kim Son Cheol and Lee Sang Yi
Kim Son Cheol and Lee Sang Yi

Key Sentence:

  • Longtime friends Kim Son Cheol and Lee Sang Yi talked about their friendship, careers, and a photoshoot with Elle magazine!

Kim Sung Cheol stated, “We first met as classmates in college, and it feels like yesterday we just talked about all our little worries about meeting and our future. But the future we dreamed of came true. Can’t believe it.”

Lee Sang Yi added, “Sun Cheol said the same thing at the 2017 Korean Music Awards. We were both nominated for a Rookie Award, and it felt very different because it was our first time meeting in such a big situation. In the end, Sun Cheol won the award, and I remember honestly telling him, “I was jealous. Because I was jealous, you paid for dinner. “

Kim Sung Cheol replied with a laugh: “Don’t answer coldly.” 2020

Li Sang Yi asked why, and Kim Sung Cheol replied, “Because I clearly remember all the time also effort we have put in so far. There are tears of deep touch. I can’t believe so many people are supporting us now. I thank you. “

Lee Sang Yi recently debuted as a singer in MSG Wannabe (JSDK) from “How Do You Play?”, He commented with a laugh: It was a fun experience. Kim Sung Cheol added, “My mom recently saw ‘How do you play? And he asked, “Sang Yi is delicate. Is your relationship okay? But I never saw Sang Yi as a competitor. Our journeys are similar, but our styles are different, and I think we have our way of going. “

The couple also voted for their favorite work done by the other, and Lee Sang Yi shared, “While the short but memorable acting of “Sweet Home” and “Vincenzo” got a lot of love, I think it was my Jailbird Playbook. “I especially loved the jailbird wine scene.”

Kim Sung Cheol chose “Once More” and said: “With Li Cho Cho, you make people’s hearts tremble like a ‘Sadon couple.'” I want to be the protagonist of such a sweet romance one day. “

In their next project, the two actors will appear as director-producer (PD). Lee Sang Yi said, “I shot hard while walking back and forth from Pohang. My character, Ji Sun Hyun, is a bright, freedom-loving show type who takes food very seriously like me. Kim Son Ho and Shin Min Ah, with whom I took part in “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha,” felt very comfortable with me, so I took perfect pictures. You will be able to see our funny jokes. “

Kim Sung Cheol will also appear in “We This Year” (literal title) alongside Choi Wu Shi Shik and Kim Da Mi. He noted, “I will be playing Kim Jong Wong, a documentary PD that is pretty chill. This is the first character to deal with this type of person, so I am apprehensive about acting. By that time, I had released the book “Preparing the Actors” by Konstantin Stanislavski, which I studied while preparing for my studies.

Finally, the two best friends share a recent happy memory. Kim Sung Cheol stated, “I know all of Sang Yi’s houses from her first homeland, and she is always very clean and orderly. However, I recently went to see her for the first time in a while, preparing for our show on Elle’s stage, and it looked like someone’s house was bustling on the outside. I am proud. I want us both to stay like that forever. “

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