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Kississippi singer Kitch and Tragedy combinate with Mood ring.


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The picture on Kississippi’s new collection cover is striking: a bit-up piece of pink bubblegum in a wedding bandbox. It’s the embodiment of lyricist Zoe Renyolds’ music, which overflows with neon hints and grim subtexts, and the bubblegum is a visual portrayal of the clear pop heading she took with this record. 

The Philadelphia-based craftsman says the fine art for Mood Ring, out today (August 6), blends kitsch and dim topics as the actual music addresses the push and pull of connections and love on the loose. 

“It helped me to remember Helga Pataki from Hey Arnold!” Reynolds discloses to MTV News of the representative cover. “It just gave me this crusty energy of trading gum with your pulverize or something to that effect. I just idea it was truly charming, therefore, yet it likewise has a dim component to it simultaneously because it is in a nice ring box. It additionally addresses separations.” 

Reynolds portrays every one of Mood Ring’s ten tracks as an affection melody. However, the subject is consistently in danger of becoming solid; Kississippi’s music shows that adoration is complex. There is pain, blame, sorrow, uneasiness, and confinement, and Reynolds says she “can compose an affection tune about any of those things.” 

For example, there’s the euphoric, ’80s-touched opening track, “We’re So in Tune,” and the emotional pop wretchedness of “Play Till You Win.” 

“It doesn’t need to be about an individual,” she clarifies. “It can simply be about a second. I would say the entirety of the tunes on the record is love tunes, however, in their specific manner. Everybody feels it, and everybody can associate with that.” Reynolds addressed MTV News about catching Mood Ring, working with Illuminati Hotties’ Sarah Tudzin, the condition of unrecorded music, and the sky is the limit from there. 

MTV News: What was a portion of the motivation focuses behind this collection? 

Zoe Reynolds: I was paying attention to a great deal of Lorde, Chvrches, Liz Phair has consistently been a significant motivation for me, Michelle Branch, Kacey Musgraves, and a ton of Bruce Springsteen. There’s a couple of Bruce Springsteen references on the record. In “We’re So in Tune,” there is a line that is from “I’m on Fire” (“I have an awful longing”). 

For “We’re So in Tune,” I was propelled by Bruce Springsteen because I had passed by this repairman shop, and it had a sign external that said, “get in order.” I just resembled, I need to compose a tune about this, and my mind went to that video for “I’m on Fire,” where he’s in the specialist shop. I needed to dive into that energy with that opener track. 

MTV News: You worked with Sarah Tudzin of Illuminati Hotties, who additionally created the most recent Pom Squad collection on “Around Your Room” and “We’re So in Tune.” What was that like? 

Reynolds: It was so pleasant cooperating. We come from a very much like local music area and are part of the DIY scene. My administrator became companions with her directors, and they were discussing Sarah beginning to get in the studio and compose melodies with individuals all the more frequently. 

I resembled, I couldn’t imagine anything better than to compose with her! That sounds so fun! She truly brought out two of my main tunes on the record. She’s astounding. She unquestionably is a wizard or the like. Dealing with those tunes was beautiful.

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