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Need to Briana retain to film together with her ‘new guy’ Javi on teenager mom 2.


The mom is hesitant approximately placing their relationship on tv.

Briana has a “new guy” in her existence named Javi — and during this night’s teenager mother 2 episode, the mother of a film with the tattoo artist for the primary time.

A few contexts approximately the duo:

  • The two were “hanging out” for a few months.
  • He is an unmarried father (the pair’s children have met).
  • Roxanne has yet to be delivered to him.

Even as Briana admitted it was a “war” to reveal this facet of herself to the tm2 target audience, Javi seemed comfy as cameras rolled simultaneously as he labored on a few inks on bri (bride’s pal she was also present).

“I desired to get a tattoo accomplished, and that I came throughout his web page. Then we met up to speak about it, and then he did my tattoo, and we started out putting out, and sh*t,” bri stated to shae approximately their records, as Javi was focused at the session.

“it is tough having cameras around while you’re trying to set up something with a brand new person,” Briana contemplated in a diary cam. “and it’s scary. Once this is on tv, it never goes away. And I’m the type of person that if something does not exercise session, I like to overlook it and never consider it once more. But knowing that it’ll be out there all the time, it’s surely tough.”

Briana endured that she does not recognize wherein she stands with Javi and does not precisely recognize what they may be. I want to figure that out for myself before I maintain letting him into my world,” she explained. Will Briana outline the connection with Javi — and could viewers see extra of him on youngster mother 2? Make sure to look at each Tuesday at 8/7c.

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