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  • Kail opened up for a Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) diagnosis tonight during episode Teen Mom 2.

“I lived weeks and sometimes months, doing the right thing and not losing a pound,” he said in a camera pre-diagnosis in the diary. “I also had heavy periods, and then I couldn’t sleep. So there was a lot from things I couldn’t control.”

The changes in his body caused him to seek medical help. Blood tests and ultrasound confirmed that she had a hormonal disorder.

“It’s been a pretty tough journey in my life right now, but I wanted to control it,” the mother-of-four said on the Coffees Convos podcast with co-host Lindsay. Then she explained what women might experience if they had PCOS and described the train ride to an amusement park that she thought she had taken.

“Some people have trouble getting pregnant – it affects fertility. It affects your insulin resistance,” says Kyle. “They are prone to diabetes, heart disease, and it can be complicated for people with PCOS to lose weight.”

Even though Kyle has four children, he admits he will have an egg harvest because PCOS can naturally naturally prevent him from getting pregnant. “I find it easy to say, ‘I’m done giving birth,'” Kyle says. “But if that option is taken away from you,, and I’m not saying it’s there for me… I don’t think it’s fair.”

Kyle admits that negative comments about his weight on social media are harsh, and he’s “nervous” about the next steps (ultrasound and lab) to get eggs. But one thing is concerning sure: the girl has a support arrangement, including Lindsay and her friends Alexa and Kristen. Be sure to follow Kyle and his family every Tuesday at Teen Mom 2 at 8/7 am.

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