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Determined to make it huge in the world of music as a rapper is Devarius Hiers, aka Varee.

Varee, at only 22 years, has shown his excellence as a young rap star in the American music scene.

People all through these years might have heard enough of the varied new talents that get born across industries and fields across the world. These talented beings showcase what it takes to become one’s best version in all that they choose to lay their hands on. Out of the many industries that have given birth to such astute talents, the world of music has always garnered the maximum attention, for it has consistently welcomed innumerable young musical artists that have gone ahead in taking the industry to the next level of success. We learned about one such youngster from the US named Devarius Hiers, aka Varee, who believed in his dreams of making it huge in the world of music and today is living his dreams as a rapper.

Wondering who is Devarius Hiers, aka Varee? Well, this young lad hails from Gough, Georgia, the US, and was born in Atlanta, GA. He confesses that everything that ever related to music and particularly rapping attracted him the most, so much so that very early in life, he had realized his true purpose as music made him feel he belonged. This ignited the fire in him to take over his dreams and make incessant efforts towards turning the same into a beautiful reality.

Varee says that he has been rapping all his life and is glad he has been living a life he has created for himself as a young rapper and musical artist of the US. At only 22 years of age, Varee has shown his versatility as a rapper in the genres of hip-hop and R&B. Not just that, he is known as Dangerous Loverboy, and explaining about the same he says that the name came to him for being a lover at heart, but as people always told him that love would hurt him; he decided to stay dangerous to survive the same.

Devarius Hiers, aka Varee, is definitely here to stay and create more waves as a rapper in the American music scene.

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