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Raring to reach the top of the music scene in America is James Samuels Jr, aka Dreadrock.

He has displayed his innate skills and talents in music, attaining over 1 million streams on his Spotify account.

Isn’t it amazing to know about all those individuals from across different corners of the world that showcase a different level of talent when it comes to their respective fields? Well, there are tons of such individuals worldwide, but what makes some of them stand apart from others is their hunger to always offer something new and unique in whatever they choose to do in their careers, no matter the saturation they face in those industries. Fearlessly moving forward as one such high-performing talent in the music world of America is James Samuels Jr, aka Dreadrock.

Wondering, who is Dreadrock? This young man exudes a different level of talent and innate skills when it comes to music, based out of Chicago, Illinois. Since 2011, Dreadrock has been trying to cross boundaries making music with the genuine motive to reach more people and provide them with music that can make them feel belonged. However, Dreadrock says that whatever success he has earned so far in his career definitely was not achieved overnight. He grew up around negativities in Chicago, and music was something that made him believe that things can get better. This close inclination that he felt for music helped him dive deeper into the industry, eventually turning him into the talented musical artist he is today.

In 2019, Dreadrock went ahead in launching his own record label named “Swervnation” and also signed himself to it. In the world of music, this young gentleman has come a long way, excelling not with one but with multiple talents as a rapper, songwriter, record executive, and also as record producer and entrepreneur. Along his journey of becoming so many things and fulfilling so many responsibilities as a musical talent in the American music scene, Dreadrock says that he has learned a lot many things and wants to keep implementing the same in his work to become his better version each day.

On Spotify, he has already gained over 1 million streams with over 500K stream with one of his tracks alone, “I Remember”. Dreadrock has shown massive potential and promise as a man of many talents, and we won’t be surprised if we see him soon, even in the movies. Till then, follow him on Instagram @dreadrocksge_.

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