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Solveiga Mykolaityte – the rising new star in the world of music.

The rising new star in the world of music.

She has chosen to switch her career from modelling to music to make it huge as a musical artist.

It is amazing to know about all those individuals who work consistently towards clinching excellence before they think of achieving success. This very attitude has allowed a few individuals to create a career of their choice and ultimately achieve the success they desire. Different industries and fields so far have seen many of such talented beings, out of which the emergence of many women professionals and artists have also stunned people worldwide. We came to learn about one such highly driven woman professional, a model, who is now looking forward to creating a flourishing career in music, the way she did it in modelling; she is Solveiga Mykolaityte.

Wondering who is Solveiga Mykolaityte? Well, she is one hell of a beautiful girl from Lithuania, who initially bowled over people with her killer physique and looks and became the supermodel, she always wanted to. Coming from a small town and becoming a supermodel, Solveiga Mykolaityte’s journey to success and stardom had her face innumerable hurdles and challenges, but boy did she give up? Never. Solveiga Mykolaityte was always very determined in her goals and thus kept walking on her path to gain the momentum and name she desired.

Making a firm decision to switch careers is not an easy task. It requires a lot of courage and determination, which Solveiga Mykolaityte truly exuded for her love of music. She confesses how she was fascinated by both modelling and the musical world from a very early age and wished to be a part of both. After achieving great as a supermodel from Lithuania and working with some of the top fashion magazines of the world, Solveiga Mykolaityte now wants to listen to what her heart seeks and make it huge even in the world of music.

Music is something that has made her find herself, she believes. She has been working around her sound, pitch and other aspects of music to become an ace musical artist. Solveiga Mykolaityte is all excited to take over the musical space with her soothing voice and wants to excel beyond boundaries as an exceptional musical artist.

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