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A short film about grinding teeth at the Durban International Film Festival.

short film
short film

Key Sentence:

  • If time is your enemy, but you still want to stay out of the 42nd Durban International Film Festival.
  • Why not check out some of this year’s short films.

Despite being underestimated, short films are a powerful means of expression and significantly contribute to the film business. Here are the best IOL Entertainment ways to dip your teeth.

“Five Tigers” – 11 minutes

Baptism” – 20 minutes

Written and directed by Yu Zhang, the retired police officer finally finds Bingyuan, his daughter’s killer. He did not expect that Bingyuan would become a church priest and father of an orphaned girl. But, instead, he was faced with the priest’s atonement, the police fight.

Nairobi Dinner Guide – 11 minutes

A Kenyan film directed by American director Hugh Mitton in which a security guard receives a $10 tip from his wealthy boss, and we follow his journey as far as possible.

Al-Sit – 20 minutes

The story of women – powerless and powerful – in a cotton village in Sudan. Director: Suzana Mirgani

“Lizard” – 18 minutes

British director Aquinola Davis Jr. tells the true-life story of an eight-year-old girl expelled from a Sunday School service.

“White” – 10 minutes

Director Eman Hussein tells how a young woman and her friends go to an auto repair shop as apprentices to learn the trade from a craft director. They explore what these connections create by combining work with daily rhythms to open up new spaces for movement.

“Ala Kachuu (Grab and run)” – 38 minutes

Screenwriter and director Maria Brendell focus her story on 19-year-old Sezim, kidnapped by a group of men. There she was forced to marry a foreigner. If she refuses to marry, she faces stigmatization and social exclusion.

“Color” – 9 minutes

Jae Hyeon Cha and Byeong Hyeon Hwang are leading this animation for a boy who wants to be an inventor. He likes to make different toys for his old dog named Norman. One day he discovered that the dog was color blind. “Colorful,” tells the story of a boy who loves science and decides to invent special glasses to show his dog’s color.

“Feel” – 18 minutes

Doug Roland directed this Oscar-nominated film with deaf and blind actors. The adult story follows Tarik, a teenager wandering the streets of New York desperately searching for the scene of an accident, when he meets Artie, a deaf and blind man who needs help getting home. An uncomfortable encounter between strangers creates an intimate relationship and a journey that changes Scorching forever.

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