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Jung woo or oh yeon seo talk regarding their chemistry why both selected their quirky characters in new drama.

Jung woo or oh yeon seo
Jung woo or oh yeon seo

On might also 24, the brand new kakaotv unique drama “mad for every other” (also translated as “crazy individual inside the place”) held a web press conference with director lee tae gon and lead actors jung woo and oh yeon seo.

“mad for each different” is a drama about the unpredictable romance between no hwi oh (jung woo), a man with anger management issues who has 0 manage over his temper, and lee min kyung, a female who’s always inflicting other human beings to get indignant at her.

Approximately the forceful-sounding title, director lee tae gon stated, “we don’t truly know the humans around us. While a person acts rude or in a way that is out of the norm, we are saying that they’re loopy.

However once we get to know them, we realise that they’re ordinary and simply the same as we are. The drama is about the query, ‘is that character without a doubt loopy?’, and whether or not we still consider human beings as loopy after gaining knowledge of them.”

Jung woo’s person, no hwi oh, turned into a passionate police officer before his life falls apart after an incident and he develops anger control troubles. Oh yeon search engine optimization’s person, lee min kyung, had the best lifestyles earlier than it all collapses because of an incident and she closes her heart off to others.

Asked why he selected the challenge, jung woo said, “i heard that lee tae gon turned into directing the task and i used to be curious and enthusiastic about it.

When I read the book, it felt very clean, new, and creative. Even though the person didn’t exist in actual life, he felt vey sensible. It felt like a person i could meet in actual life, so i had quite a few amusing reading the script.”

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