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In the Robin Batman comic book what Tim Drake wants to go to town with me.


Key Sentence:

  • The latest issue of Batman: Urban Legends gives knowledge into Tim Drake’s adoration life.
  • Instead of Batman, it’s his companion Robin’s storyline that currently has DC Comics fans invigorated. 

In the latest edition from Batman: Urban Legends, another section for Tim Drake, otherwise called Robin, unfurls when it’s uncovered he’s sexually unbiased. The sweet second has been working on a few issues. 

To some extent, in 1 of the Sum of Our Parts stories, Tim gets together with his old companion Bernard. Be that as it may, their arrangement turns out badly when Bernard is captured by Chaos Monster, as per Entertainment Weekly. Quick forward to section 3, included in the recent concern of Urban Legends #6, and Bernard has been saved. 

He reveals to Robin that he wishes he might have completed his date with Tim, not understanding they were the same. Later in the story, Tim thumps on Bernard’s door. Tim Drake… would you like to go out on the town with me?” Bernard asks, per the power source. 

“No doubt… Yeah, I need that,” Tim answers. 

Tim and Bernard’s sentiment was indicated on the DC Comics website. Tim Drake is in the cave of the Chaos Monsters with the other hijacked young people of Gotham City. To free himself and different adolescents, Tim should accept assistance from his companion Bernard and hear something important to him he never knew,” peruses the portrayal of Urban Legends #6. “A fresh out of the box new section of Tim Drake’s life begins here, and you will not have any desire to miss it!” 

The story makers are glad they can assist with imparting this urgent story advancement to fans.” My objective recorded as a hard copy has been and will consistently be to show precisely the amount God loves you. You are so staggeringly adored and significant and seen,” author Meghan Fitzmartin tweeted on Aug. 10, attached to the uncovering. “Perpetually appreciative to be trusted with Tim Drake and his story and respected to work with the incredibly gifted [artist Belén Ortega] and [colorist Alejandro Sánchez].

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