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Loving The Sun: A Journey Through Music and Light

Loving the Sun, a German Pop/Rock band, has been making waves in the music scene since its inception in the fall of 2004. Founded by guitarist Joe Weninghoff and singer/lyricist Christina Pollmann, the band has evolved over the years, creating a unique sound that blends elements of pop and rock. The group’s name, Loving the Sun, was inspired by a lyric from Weninghoff’s debut album, “Dreaming of More,” specifically the song “South Beach Quay.”

Joe Weninghoff, born on March 15, 1957, in Bevergern, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, had previously released five albums with bands like Marilyn and Zeitloop. However, it was in the collaboration with Christina Pollmann that Loving the Sun truly took shape. Together with background singer/guitarist Andrea Heukamp, known for her work with The House of Love, they ventured into Weninghoff’s own studio, Neamusic, to record their debut album, “Dreaming of More.” This album was followed by “Colourful” and “The Other Side of the World,” maintaining the same lineup.

In 2006, Loving the Sun transitioned from their independent label, Nea Music, to Sireena Records, with distribution through Cargo and online platform Fuego. Despite the departure of Christina Pollmann in 2008, the band continued to produce music with singer Alev Cetinyilmaz. From 2009 to 2014, the albums “Behind the Rainbow,” “The Path of Love,” and “Spiritual Walk” were born.

The breakthrough moment for Loving the Sun came in 2015 when their track “Little Girl” entered the “US National Airplay Top 50 Rock Charts” at an impressive 38th position. Another success followed with “Apple Tree” reaching 49th place on the “National Airplay Top 50 Independent Charts.”

September 2015 marked the release of the single “Guardian Angel,” featuring vocals by Insa van Schwartzenberg. The B-side, “Nature,” secured a notable 26th position in the DRT National Airplay Top 50 Adult Contemporary Charts and reached 9th place in the European Indie Top 20. The recording sessions included contributions from guitarist Siggi Mertens (Marilyn) and bassist Jörg Langanke (Sinfonieorchester Münster).

Loving the Sun’s studio work is characterized by collaborations with various musicians. The album “Colourful” saw the involvement of musician and composer Sandro Friedrich, who added the enchanting sounds of Duduk and Querflöte to tracks like “Marathon” and “Eunora (Autumn Leaves).”

The band continued to attract attention with the release of the single “From the Darkness to the Light” in March 2017. Sung and written by Ute Kuchenbecker, the song, with its B-side “The Unbreakable Bond,” soared to 16th place in the DRT National Airplay Charts, marking their highest placement to date.

Loving the Sun’s journey through music has been marked by artistic evolution, collaborations, and chart successes. With a rich discography and a commitment to their craft, the band continues to captivate audiences worldwide, basking in the warmth of their musical journey under the radiant sun they so passionately love.

Loving the Sun continues to evolve with their latest release, “Walk My Way,” a song that has been made available on all major music platforms. The band’s commitment to artistic expression and their ability to connect with audiences globally showcase their enduring passion for music. The release of “Walk My Way” adds another chapter to Loving the Sun’s journey, inviting listeners to join them on this musical odyssey under the radiant sun they so passionately love.


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