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Kim Min Ju tried to dispel the embarrassing atmosphere during the “Music Core” MC poster shoot.


Key Sentence:

  • Jungwoo, Stray Kids’ Lee Know, also Kim Min Ju recently attended a photoshoot for the “Music Core” MC poster!

It was first announced in July that Jungwoo and Lee Know would be joining Kim Min Ju as the MCs of “Music Core,” On August 9, MBC confirmed the news along with photos of the three.

On August 12, Music Core released a behind-the-scenes video of Jungwoo, Lee Know, and Kim Min Ju posing for their MC poster.

The video begins with the three idols getting ready for a photoshoot. Lee No smiled shyly and admitted that he was very nervous. He reaches out and plays with his fingers as he prepares to pose with the signed microphone from the music show that bears his name. Once the shoot started, her shyness subsided, and she posed professionally for the camera.

However, his microphone name was broken in half, and his eyes widened in surprise. Someone’s laughter made him look up, and he bowed when he saw Kim Min Joo. She was the next one to take part in the photoshoot and exuded a beautiful charm, while of course, posing for the camera.

Jungwoo was next, and while looking confident, a team member noticed that he was nervous and asked why he didn’t feel uncomfortable. Jungwoo replied, “I am a professional. I have to do my best. While watching Jungwoo’s photoshoot, Kim asked Min-Ju Lee. He knows if he knows Jungwoo.” before becoming MC for Music Core.

“Yes. No. I know we are from the same hometown. Kimpo.” Kim Min Joo went to take more photos, and Zhengwu joined Lee Know. Lee Nou looked for a common language and mentioned Seungkwan Seungkwan, who is friends with Jungwoo. They talked about friends from the ’98 liner, and Jungwoo told Lee Know that he had to go through formalities with him.

The three idols were then presented as a group. At first, they looked awkward, and everyone was reluctant to speak. Finally, Jungwoo offered a game of Mukjjippa (a variant of the rock, paper, scissors game) to break the ice, and Lee Know shone with an idea. He asked, “What about the loser [who will buy coffee next time?” Jungwoo and Kim Min Ju enthusiastically agreed.

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