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Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga fined for using during the process Propofol agency apologizes.

Brown Eyed Girls'
Brown Eyed Girls'

Key Sentence:

  • Ga In’s agency apologized for using Propofol.
  • On June 30, The Fact reported that a member of the Brown Eyed Girls was fined $1 million (approximately $884) between July and August 2019 for using Propofol.

This was revealed over the charges brought against plastic surgeon “A,” who since 2019 has been sentenced to prison in 21 cases, including Ga In, who had injected etomidate, and four people, including Ga In, who had injected Propofol. In response to the announcement, Ga In’s agency Mystic Story made the following statement:

This is a mystical story. The following is a statement from the Mystic Story Ga In artist review on Propofol. Ga In was charged with Propofol last year and fined 1 million. Although Ga In and the company realize that this is not a socially correct action, we are inclined to apologize for not apologizing earlier and causing more concern than the sudden news.

Above all, it is painful to send a message that does not live up to the fans’ expectations, lovingly waiting for their long period of self-reflection. We sincerely apologize for this.

With the accumulation of problems, both large and small, during his years of activity, he experienced severe pain and depression, and severe insomnia and made wrong decisions during the process.

Although the artist’s pain has accumulated in recent years due to unexplained situations, the artist and the agency that needs to be with the artist as a whole cannot find a reasonable way to avoid it [pain]. we are inclined to apologize for not apologizing earlier and causing more concern than the sudden news. Therefore, we feel very responsible for how much we miss your agency.

In the future, Ga In also Mystic Story will try their best to greet fans and viewers more maturely. So once again, we sincerely excuse this inconvenience.

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