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Awesome Star Tour Moment It Was an Idea by George Lucas Awesome Star Tour Moment It Was an Idea by George Lucas.

Awesome Star Tour
Awesome Star Tour

Key Sentence:

  • Decades before Star Wars; Galaxy’s Edge even pepper.
  • Disneyland and George Lucas teamed up to create the first attraction of the Star Wars theme park.

Star Tours is the only trip of its kind that takes guests into the world of Star Wars in a way no other film can. It was such a famous performance that the original concept lasted for more than 20 years, notwithstanding plans to modernize over time.

However, in 2011 Star Tours finally noticed a significant upgrade. While the main ride and concept are the same, everything else is fresh and new, including the moments that are the hallmark of today’s attractions, which were George Lucas’s brainchild. As part of the new Disney+ Behind the Attraction franchise, Imagineer Tom Fitzgerald stated that Rebel Spy would be a guest on the George ship.

George wants us to have spies in the audience. What if we could take a picture of someone in the cabin and put it on a screen, and allow guests to see themselves as spy rebels.

The Rebel Spy moment is one of the best in Star Tours: The Adventures Continue. In the first act, Empire stops your Starspeeder because he’s looking for a spy rebel. An image appears on the screen, and the spy rebel turns out to be a random person on the way, often a child. No one, including the spy himself, ever realized he was chosen until he saw his photo.

Therefore, it is always pleasant for people and their friends or family to know that they are rebel spies. If you’ve traveled a lot, and there are plenty of reasons to have a variety of experiences, chances are you’ve been singled out as a spy rebel at least once. They even sell t-shirts that guests can advertise that they have been singled out as rebel spies.

George Lucas was actually behind many of the ideas that led to Star Tours, including using the motion simulator technology that was the basis of the original ride and the updated version. Still, this tiny element shows how important those details are to him. The idea of ​​photographing guests and making them part of the journey is not just a “Star Wars idea,” but the kind of elements one would expect from an imaginary Walt Disney. It’s about improving the guest experience at the attraction.

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