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Bop Shop Poems Of Normani, Ben Platt, Calicoco, Also More enhanced for a walk in the wilderness.


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The quest for the elusive “Bop” is forever tricky. Playlists and streaming recommendations can be very helpful. However, they often leave the long question: are these songs good or new?

Enter the Bop Shop, a selection of songs from the MTV News team. This weekly collection doesn’t differentiate between genres and can contain anything – it’s a snippet of what we thought and sounded good. We stay fresh with the latest music but expect some old (but stuff) over time. So get ready: Bop Shop is now open.

Normani feat. Cardi B: “Wild Side”

The longer Normani’s career as a solo artist, the more the conversation turned to the topic of her debut album. The question is when. But this forward-looking discussion misses the essential element of Norman’s power: he does almost everything. He’s hot, explosive, and fun.

There’s nothing left to prove, but “Wild Side,” a star who admits to breaking up with Cardi B, complete with other blockbusters, shows a different side. We’ll undoubtedly see a lot more when their album drops. Meanwhile, he invites you for a walk in the wilderness. “Patrick Hosken.”

Lil Mariko feat. Full Tac: Boring

Call it a summer text: “I’m not crazy; you’re just bored.” Lil Mariko joins the soft male voice with this bombastic and deafening song to shamelessly celebrate their dignity and to attract men who aren’t worth their time.

It only fits that he’s the newest signing of Four Loko Records, and his confidence, sarcasm, and smile are matched by frequent collaborators like Dorian Electra and Rico Nasti. What started as an anthem to a hip-pop anthem became Syramo-level alarm when the meme queen (the one with “Where’s My Juul? – Carson Mlnarik

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