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CL Talk about your upcoming album, what he will say to your intern, and many others.

CL album
CL album

Key Sentence:

  • CL attended a photoshoot and interview with W Korea!
  • When asked how she’s spent the past few years, CL replied, “I was just about to finish my album. I also founded the band “Very Cherry.”

He continued, “After working with the team I put together myself, I learned and discovered a lot of new things. I want to post it somewhere in the summer. The title of CL’s original full-length album is “Alpha,” which means “Start” and “Alpha Female.” “

At the presentation of her latest release, “In the Name of Love,” CL dedicated her album to “all CL in the world.” CL said: “CL is like an alter ego to me. I have started with this concept since I first appeared in the world at the awards ceremony at the end of 2008 as part of the YG family show. “

CL added, “This is why getting started can be scary for anyone. I believe CL is “courage.” Yes, I can admit I was scared, but I was still moving forward, and the changes on my face were a sign of courage, both big and small. If there are people who listen to my music and have connections, I want to support them and say that we must have courage.

Due to CL’s frequent use of the word “ego” in CL, the interviewer asked how important it was to her that she thought of her as a good person. CL replied, “Belief is essential, and I guess just thinking about it will help you calm down.

For example, you wouldn’t be mean to someone you like. They want to look their best; they will work hard for it and look forward to seeing them. So you have to do everything you would do for that person, for yourself.

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