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Teddy Geiger
Teddy Geiger

Key Sentence:

  • Teddy Geiger stepped in last March the way he spends most of his time.
  • Circling in the studio, making music with other artists.

He toyed with some old, unfinished demonstrations he recorded over a decade ago while living in Queens in the early years of his career. The band they worked with, the indie quartet Arly, continued the song that emerged from the writing session – an echoing, guitar-driven pop song called “Sharkbait,” to see the danger in what you want, and continued Geiger pausing and then letting go. Alone.

He sat at a desk in the head of Henson Recording Studios, taking a break from sessions with aspiring pop star Chloe Moriondo and producer Evan Voytas, longtime friends and collaborators.

At the bottom of the screen, a sunny Los Angeles day is so bright that pixelated display detail sometimes disappears, leaving only the mouth, a few black Prada frames, and a dark brown pony. Challenge the desert weather in a piece of quilted fabric and bone hood under a roomy Gucci vest (two buttons are missing, he says). Geiger is animated as he speaks and flicks a fiery blue camel in and out of the image every few seconds.

“It’s no like I did anything wrong,” he said. “It’s like following my desire system [even when other people tell me not to]. If there’s a real desire just because someone doesn’t fully understand it, that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. You can say, ‘Oh! Not! You don’t want that! ‘But yes! Yes, I have!”

“It’s like being lucky enough to tell a trans woman not to do whatever she wants,” I joked on purpose. “That’s true,” he said with a laugh. “Like, I’m sorry.”

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