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Littorious :New York Based Musician has got the right spice for the Music Industry.

Kemi Adetiba

Ahmahd Isaiah Daniels, known professionally as Littorious is an American singer-songwriter and independent artist. he debuted on January 29, 2017 with the single, “Aquaman “. He started his own limited liability company LLC or record label called “Bag or no bag the label” on December 7, 2020. Littorious is Consistently stepping up his game and setting the benchmark up high, Littorious is not just your average emerging artist. Instead, he’s someone with actual growth potential and a passion for creating hip-hop music. He is an all-in-one package – rapper, songwriter, vocalist, and musician. Littorious started hustling from the age of 10 but didn’t start recording until he was 13. He has since then been putting out some serious hits that have captivated the audience under its soulful tunes. 

He describes his music as one of a kind, distinctive from anything that has ever been heard before. In addition, we feel that he has a unique sense of wordplay around his music. Hearing his newest song, ‘Aquaman,’ confirms his claims of setting a distinctive foot in the industry. It already has 314K views on youtube and is increasing at an exponential scale. 

His madness and method revolve around an unorthodox creative process that always deems to think out of the box. He aims to create music that is innovative and different from what others produce. In the contemporary world of competitiveness, every artist wants to make a rare experience for their audience. Littorious aims to be ahead of the game, and his game plan revolves around consistently gathering insights on what is to hit the market next. Foreseeing the demand trends helps you stay on top of your life, and our artist has a hands-on grip in that area. 

Littorious believes in doing, not dreaming! Let’s just put it in a way that he was a kid that didn’t have it easy. Like many successful musicians and artists in the industry who have fought all odds to be on the top, our very own littorious has picked himself up and risen from poverty. We see him now flaunting his Gucci, and it’s not an overnight success but a product of consistency in hard work. He now sets an example for all his followers with rightfully deserved victory on all platforms. He is someone with self-control as he left the streets to focus on his newly discovered talent of rapping. He put his faith in his craft and has been able to achieve much recognition. 

Our artist has a reflective nature; he pays attention to details around him and then draws his inspiration to create music from the surroundings. Chuckling at a bar be cue party, the kids hovering around at birthday parties, the odor of a fresh harvest, sunshine, or even the howling of dogs – He has extracted what he needs to create his music. People dancing and enjoying the sound of music was what intrigued him. He was fascinated by the fact that music brings such joy to people’s lives. Any dull moment can be turned upside down by hearing legends on television and how you can mould different genres into your talent. 

Littorious is not coming slow! You can expect him to create quality music with some power plays. Many new exciting visuals are underway that will be completed with utter dedication and hard work to once again grip you all to your Youtube, SoundCloud, and Spotify screens.

You can follow him on Instagram :- @Littorious

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