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Showing the potential and power to become a known name in the world of music, make way for Rae Milli.

She is a teenager musical artist and performer who is on her way to become a star in the industry.

Some may take years to realize what they truly possess as individuals or what they wish to pursue in life, while some others may know and realize their dreams much early in life and make every possible effort to get nearer their goals and visions from a very young age. Though this is easier said than implemented, a few have done even that and proved to the world that anything could get possible to achieve, only if they work with a strong self-belief and passion. Doing this in the world of music can get even more challenging, but rising stars like Aiyana Evans, more famously known as Rae Milli, have been showing the path of success to others and how.

Rae Milli is a teenage musical artist and performer from Las Vegas, the US, who is all ready to shine brighter in the city with her unique talents and skills in music. She confesses how since a very young age, if anything, that ever attracted her the most, it was all things music. Hence, she knew where he wanted to be and thus started working around her innate musical skills of singing and dancing since then. Today, she has signed her first recording contract. However, the rising opportunities in her career had her also face various challenges, and to follow her musical passion, she even had to turn down four volleyball scholarships after graduating high school last year.

Rae Milli’s music has now landed her with contracts with the Indie label and Evo Music Group, which made Rae the first lady of EMG. Be it her singing or her rapping skills, all have only attracted people’s attention and proved her versatility as a young talent in an industry already overflowing with many established names. Rae Milli credits her success to the constant support of her parents and believes that their words of encouragement have led her this far at such a young age.

Rai Milli’s upcoming tracks are already looking great and promising, and we can’t wait to hear more of her in the industry. To know more,

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