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The band shared the duvet to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of iconic indie label kill rock stars.

The Band Shared
The Band Shared

key sentence

  • Deerhoof has shared a cover of Sleater-Kinney’s ‘don’t speak like.’
  • Pay attention to Deerhoof’s cowl of Sleater-Kinney’s ‘don’t talk like.’

The San Francisco band’s transforming of the 1999 song is released to rejoice 30 years of iconic indie label kill rock stars, inviting bands to interpret songs from the KRS catalog.

Deerhoof’s cowl seems on an ep known as ‘Deerhoof sandwich,’ which additionally hears them take on LiLiPUT’s ‘hitch-hike.’ Some other place at the ep, there are Deerhoof covers through wilco’s news cline, shut-ups, Shaylee, and demise cab for cuties dave deeper.

KRS has a large catalog,” Deerhoof stated of their cover alternatives. “how do you select? Something approximately the sweater-Kinney tune, though, we needed to attempt it. We desired to celebrate this magic moment after they appeared like they didn’t quite understand what they were doing.

While emotions had been revelations, and dissonances collided in some thriller universe between intention and twist of fate.” They persisted: we relate to that a part of us that works much like an infant. We desired to take a question mark of music and not answer it.

Dcfc’s deeper said of Deerhoof: “[They] freaked me out when I first heard them, and they nevertheless do – lightning-in-a-bottle sort of tune, concurrently so random and chaotic but deeply composed and expertly played. It clearly shouldn’t work. Unfortunately, however, it nearly continually does.”

Deerhoof Sandwich tracklist is as follows

1. Deerhoof – ‘Don’t Talk Like’ (Sleater-Kinney cover)
2. Nels Cline feat. Yuka & Ches – ‘Jagged Fruit’ (Deerhoof cover)
3. Shutups – ‘Milk Man’ (Deerhoof cover)
4. Shaylee feat. Kynwyn Sterling – ‘The Tears And Music Of Love’ (Deerhoof cover)
5. Dave Depper – ‘Twin Killers’ (Deerhoof cover)
6. Deerhoof – ‘Hitch-hike’ (LiLiPUT cover)

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