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Key Sentence:

  • There’s nothing like a few dirty martinis to “clean the air.” 
  • Case in point: Snooky and Angelina end up burying axes at an embarrassing wedding.

First, it’s Dina and JWOWW, and tonight’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation looks at the authentic meatballs Angelina picked up for lunch to apologize for a series of heartfelt apologies and nudged glasses — and the last one was a bit taken aback by the gesture.

“Given that Nicole went on with her podcast and said she’d rather cut off a limb than talk or look at me again, I’m a little surprised that [she] took me to the invited lunch today,” Angelina admitted.

Nicole rushes off to start the hunt, explaining her part of the story into the story – especially that the stitching “should be funny.” “I require you to understand that I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings or ruin your marriage,” he said. But, he continued, “I just thought it was too much. We try to be funny – we get drunk, it’s stupid, and it just snows. I’m sorry, and it was terrible.”

After admitting that “the joke was wrong,” Angelina said she was officially ready to “end it all.” “The day has finally attained when we can sit there and break bread with bruschetta,” he says. “It’s been a long time, and I just forgot about it. I don’t want this drama anymore.”

Snooky immediately agreed, “I’d rather cut off my left breast than talk about it again.” So then the “drinking buddies” cling to family, marriage, and dignity to break it before the pile of drinking cheers ensues.

“Greetings that you came and we’re friends again. Toast that you no longer argue and have fun. Toast that you’re not a dramatic B*h,” Snooky roasted before adding, “Angelina, you’re an olive martini.”

Regarding Nicole’s final greeting, we’re saving “this guy on the Old Bridge” for another time (because there’s bound to be trouble in the coming weeks). So watch 8/7 am next week to find out what’s happening during your family vacation in the Poconos!

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