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The flash: cisco’s best fear already passed off in season 3.

cisco's best fear
cisco's best fear

The “greatest worry” that cisco told kamilla about inside the flash is specially poignant. Thinking about that it already took place in a season 3 episode.

The finest worrythat cisco (carlos valdez) described. Inside the flash season 7 is particularly poignant. Considering that a version of it occurred in a possible future proven in season three. Some episodes again, psych (ennis esmer) used his powers to present group flash visions of the matters they feared the maximum.

The flash season 7, episode 10, “own family matters, part 1”, discovered what it was that cisco noticed.

Cisco informed kamilla (victoria park) that he imagined himself still working at s.T.A.R. Labs 40 years into the destiny. In step with cisco, the hassle with this is that he was the handiest one nevertheless there. All of his colleagues had already moved directly to new stages in their lives, and as a end result, cisco became all alone.

Partially due to this vision, cisco is uncertain about what he needs do together with his lifestyles now, and he’s frightened of what the future will preserve for him if he remains at s.T.A.R. Labs.

Unfortunately, the sad destiny that cisco fears will come to pass isn’t all that unrealistic. That’s due to the fact some thing pretty similar to it already took place in the season three episode. The once and future flash”. After taking a journey to 2024 to find out about savitar, barry (supply gustin) met an older cisco.

Who had misplaced both his palms to killer frost (danielle panabaker). In this timeline, team flash had fallen aside, but cisco noticed inside the 2017 barry a threat to get the team again together once more.

Pushed by his loneliness, he secretly used a number of his tech to forestall him from leaving.

Cisco being unwilling to allow pass of his days with group flash are proper in line with his gift-day counterpart’s issues in season 7. It indicates that his finest worry certainly is able to turning into a truth. And that makes the concept even greater unhappy for the man or woman.

Although cisco might not recognise from barry what became of him in that timeline, he does know that he has outlasted most group flash members. Many have come and gone, and cisco is one of the few at the team who hasn’t wandered a long way from valuable city for any duration of time. Now, he’s involved that he’ll be there lengthy after anybody else that’s still with the organization.

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